10-25Scout Registration
10-25Troop Meeting
10-29University of Scouting
10-30Service Project
11-01All Wreath Orders Are Due
11-01Adult Comm. Mtg.
11-01Patrol Leader's Council
11-05 -> 11-06Metolius River Backpack
11-08Troop Meeting
11-11 -> 11-12LAN Party
10-25Scout Registration
50 people attending
11-05 -> 11-06Metolius River Backpack
10/15 people attending
11-18 -> 11-20Silver Falls State Park
9 people attending

Home of Troop 432, Skyloo District, Cascade Pacific Council.



Welcome to Troop 432 

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Awesome time at the Rafting Outing!!

The backflip! at the Rafting Outing

Scouts and Moms Campout!

 Indian Heaven Backpack! 


Awesome Outing at Crater Lake!


See Mt Hood in the back? that is our destination!! 

70 Miler Backpack!! Mt Jefferson to Mt Hood! 


(see photo album for more photos)

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Scout Registration

Posted on Oct 15 2016 - 6:55pm

Scout registration in our troop for next term is now open! Sign up now. The deadline is Tuesday October 25th. You can sign up here and pay with PayPal or give a check to our treasurer. Questions? issues? please contact Kathleen Freitag.

Wreath Sale

Posted on Oct 15 2016 - 6:55pm

Annual fundraiser for Troop432 to support our year round Scout programs and summer camps is underway. This is the troop's only fundraiser. Prizes are awarded. All scouts are expected to sell at least 5 wreaths. Most of the wreath packets were distributed at the CoH, however if you did not get yours please contact Mr Jabr. All wreath sale orders are due on Nov1.

Silver Falls Outing

Posted on Oct 15 2016 - 6:53pm

Come to the Silver Falls outing and have a great time! We’ll be staying at the New Ranch Lodge which is a two story bunk bed facility. No need to pitch tents (nnless you want to), just bring your sleeping bag and pad. We’ll have a great time hiking the trail of 10 falls!, working on TTFC requirements, Leadership Skills Training, and good food. Hope to see you there!!! Sign up here.

Treasury - Link

Posted on Aug 6 2016 - 6:42pm

The troop treasurer is Mr Jabr. Please direct inquiries about scout accounts, paying for outings, and getting reimbursed for expenses to him. You can either email Mr Jabr or catch him at one of the troop meetings.

Please check the Treasury website for information about the latest scout account balances and the troop policies when it comes to money and expenses. Want to know how to use money in scout account? checkout the treasury page.

New MB Counselor Registration System

Posted on Apr 22 2015 - 12:42pm


NEW CPC Merit Badge Counselor Registration System!
Scoutcommunity.com The Cascade Pacific Council is launching a new tool for volunteers (and professionals) to assist with registration and tracking of Merit Badge Counselors. The new system is ScoutCommunity.com and it will replace the "purple" merit badge counselor sheet along with provide other benefits, including:
  • Users to maintain and update their own contact information (profile)
  • MB Counselors to maintain the list of MB they are willing to mentor
  • Provide MB counselor searches and report (unit, district, council)
  • Email confirmation when your registration for a position is processed
  • Advance notice that your Youth protection training will be expiring soon
  • Leadership directory to know who is registered and what positions they hold
The Council is moving forward with the new system by starting an email campaign of inviting current registered scouters.  You can also take the initiative by signing up on your own. 
For more information visit ScoutCommunity.com